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33, Capricórnio, Russia, One Galaxy in Space
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Preferência SexualHetero
Altura160 cm - 170 cm
Peso46 - 55 kg (100 - 120 lbs)
LínguasRusso, Inglês
One Galaxy in Space
Pelos púbicosDepilada
O que excita-me
My Birthday 20 of January. I am waiting something Special for that week) 20 Января День Рождение - Я жду что-то особенное в этот день и неделю!
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check out my profile, leave your feedback, buy my videos and have pleasure!
O que me faz perder o interesse
NO Request without TOKENS! Rude People do not follow Me. Please, be Gentleman in my ChatRoom!

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Help Me in TOP 15
Help Me in TOP 15
Top100 Model Of The Week in International Top-100 How are points distributed? It's simple: Every hour, a TOP-30 of models is selected based on the number of Tokens earned in the last 60 minutes. The higher the position in the hourly rating, the more total points will be earned. A pleasant BONUS: The points earned on Sunday are DOUBLED! Как распределяются очки? Всё просто: каждый час определяется ТОП-30 моделей по количеству Токенов, заработанных за последние 60 минут. Чем выше ваша позиция в ежечасном рейтинге, тем больше очков вы получаете. Приятный БОНУС: очки, заработанные в воскресенье, УДВАИВАЮТСЯ!
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20 January 2019 Happy Birthday to Me!
20 January 2019 Happy Birthday to Me!
Will be very HAPPY if I will win TOP 1, 2, 3 at my Birthday week 14 - 20 of January 2019 year! Thank You very Much My Friends! Kisses and Huggs! Буду очень рада победить в ТОПЕ 1, 2, 3 на своё День Рождение! 20 Января 2019 года! Люблю Вас, Целую и Жду! мои Друзья!
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Хочу Море Отдых Пляж! Хочу собрать необходимое количество токенов, чтобы отправится получать удовольствие со спокойной душой!
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Comentários (72)
One day you will face with the same thing, if you tipped enough :D
She gaved avarything when i have tokens, after they are finished she was saying, today chat session finished enough :)))
Me!!! you want to know me?? yes i am just a fool toy of her, with tokens!!!!
pimps; nik273, trusword2 (he can not remember his pw of first account :)) szerdy, and some others. <she deleted one sword when she saw me, i will not give the name. Because she is afraid of him also
You will be fucked byher sworded pimps, as long as you have emotions, just pay 1-5 and enjoy her friendship. This called experience
Her 1 token pimps banned me again. 1 token is enough, do not spend too much!!!
Fuck you all, together with your pimps
This model is deserving of tips , she is smart beautiful and flirty with her fans, a complete turn on both visual and fantasy xoxo
🎼You are my destiny, you share my reverie.
💖You're more than life to me, that's what you are.

💘You are my destiny, you share my reverie.
💎You are my happiness, that's what you are.
You are the one and only adorable woman in this world. My one and only, kiss you, hug you and LOVE you.
I was born 20 of January 1985 year - MY Birthday PARTY

Thank You Very MUCH! FOR MY WIN in TOP-100 - !!! That's FANTASTIC! honey2008 - You are So Special!

I started at Bonga 16 of May 2016 year!